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Frederic Leighton, A Girl (detail)
19th  century


Frederic Leighton, A Girl (detail)

19th  century

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I propose a challenge: draw the nitty-gritty of Pokemon.

Draw old, battle-scarred Pokemon. Draw lost, abandoned Pokemon, Draw destructive, havoc-wreaking Pokemon. Draw poisoned, burned, paralyzed Pokemon. Draw legendary Pokemon caged by curious professors and ten-year-olds. Draw gruesome fights and missing limbs. Draw whatever disenchants the simple ability to heal at a Pokemon Center and make it all better.

Because as awesome and whimsical as the Pokemon world is, there’s something really cool about grounding it with more realistic qualities. It’s been done before, though I wish it was done more frequently.

And if you draw anything like this it’d be super cool if you could tag it with “Pokenitgrit” so I can see more badass Pokemon business? lD

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Murderous intent which lives together.

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Cats are very serious about video games.
"Pew! Pew! Pew!"

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This is really lovely. ;_;

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